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Hubby and I are early birds generally waking up between 4am-5am, and it’s also m…

Hubby and I are early birds generally waking up between 4am-5am, and it’s also my favourite time for “me” time activities.. which generally consists of catching up on insta, volumes of coffee and getting my head around doing the treadmill!

Last night’s evening meal was fırın kebap (which just means cooked in the oven). I usually do this with either diced lamb, or in last night’s case, I made it with chicken thighs. I don’t know why it came out more tomatoey than usual but it tasted the same, so all good there! 😅

Recipe and method are on my grid for the chicken version, and if you scroll down, I’ve put the recipe for the lamb version on an earlier post) 😊

Served with vermicelli rice, Greek spinach rice – spanakorizo (post to ), salad and cacık (tzatziki).

Typical for Cypriots, we cannot cook just for the night (portion control problems 🤣) so this will be dinner for two nights!

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  1. It all looks wonderful, I love all of the fresh sides and dips. Really my favourite kind of food. But the thought of waking between 4 and 5 is too much for me 😂 I need matchsticks to keep my eyes open 😴

  2. Omg that looks so good!! Can’t believe you wake up that early though 😵 I thought between 5 and 6 was too much for me already 😅😅

  3. Hah! When my husband fixes me a plate I always tease him for giving me a “Cypriot portion”. 😂

  4. Looks truly delicious my dear Nev; despite using chicken it looks like you didn’t miss the diced lamb in this beautiful dish😍; have a wonderful weekend and stay safe. I am a very early bird as well😬 and I use the time to catch up on “me”🤦🏻‍♀️, enjoy some coffee and put my day into perspective🌟🌷

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