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I managed to fritter away the day watching – it’s one of those “end-of-the-worl…

I managed to fritter away the day watching snowpiercer.official – it’s one of those “end-of-the-world” series. My husband thinks it’s the most ridiculous storyline ever, I thought it was so good, I finished the whole season in two days! 🤣 So aside from cooking breakfast yesterday which was pastırma (dried cured beef) fried separately and then refried together with the scrambled egg, toasted çörek (bread) and the usual accompaniments makes for a spot-on breakfast, I didn’t do anything else! Lol. Have a good day all!

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  1. Must have taken half a day to type in those hashtags. 🤣👏 Snowpiercer was first a film, and that’s good too, or preposterous as M would say.

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