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I tend to cook what “we fancy eating” on the day, and seldom meal plan unless it…

I tend to cook what “we fancy eating” on the day, and seldom meal plan unless it’s for a special event. I know many of you will hold your hands up in horror at this! 🤣

One food I always have in the house is hellim/halloumi and when I saw Eleni myfamilysfooddiary talk about the Cypriot food theme running, being a Cypriot and hellim/halloumi lover, it was easy to join in.

So here is my contribution of sesame and honey glazed baked hellim/halloumi with couscous salad – all super tasty and gone in a blink! 😋 If you swipe 👉🏼 you can see Jack’s portion size (and he went back for seconds!), and a little vid.

If you love Cypriot, Turkish/Greek food go and check out the – there are some fantastic cooks and amazing dishes that celebrate our island 💕

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  1. Well done 👌great way to refresh the pallet eating the halloumi with some fresh veggies

  2. This looks delicious. I love halloumi (although I thought it was skin on chicken breast at first glance 😂… the colour 😍) 😋❤️

  3. Not me Nev… If I plan at all, it’s just one day ahead!!! This looks wonderful… what a combo 🙌🙌🙌

  4. My hands are fully held up in horror!! 😂 The halloumi looks lovely, I just had some for lunch too!!

  5. @workingmumskitchen No holding hands up in horror here, be assured 😂 I do some little planning and a bit more in the winter as the dishes are more hearty as opposed to salads in the summer (mostly). This baked halloumi looks and sounds absolutely amazing! 👏👏👏

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