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Most years right up until my Nene died we would go up to the mountains in Cypru…

Most years right up until my Nene died 😢 we would go up to the mountains in Cyprus for kebab with the immediate family, which in our case was usually around 15 people!

We would drive up in convoy in three or four cars, and shaded by the trees, fire up the bbq’s and get everything ready.

Sounds funny to say this now in this day and age but the men would do the bbq and the women would sort out the skewers, salads, plates etc etc., and as kids, we were sent to fetch water from the mountain taps which was always freezing cold. The mountain stream was also the perfect place to put the watermelon to keep it cool until we were ready to eat. Memories eh? ❤️

This Cypriot potato and egg salad was usually one of the sides that we would have with our food 😋 Super simple to make for 4:

🥗 Ingredients:

8-10 new potatoes
5-6 eggs
4-5 spring onions finely sliced
A good glug of olive oil
Juice of 1/2 lemon
1-2 tbls dried mint
Salt to taste
Handful of Black olives

🥗 Method:

Boil the new potatoes and eggs together with some salt until the potatoes are cooked.

Get a medium sized bowl and peel the skin off the new potatoes and cut them up into chunks, same with the eggs.

Then add the spring onions, olive oil, lemon juice, dried mint, olives and mix it all together. Season to taste. Job done ✅

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  1. Lovely memories 💖 we used to do this with family & friends alot also. Salad looks yummy 😋

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