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Een effectieve manier om het weekend sferisch af te sluiten met een aantal conventionele Cypriotische maaltijden - şiş ke ...

An effective way to spherical off the weekend with some conventional Cypriot meals – şiş kebap, roasted peppers, chips, smoked paprika hummus and tarama – jam packed into freshly made melizcooks pide 😋👌🏼

Due to sainsburys for the dips and chips, the remaining was do-it-yourself and yum 😋

Tremendous easy no-fuss marinade for the meat (I used lamb steaks) and peppers, and it really works each time 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

🥘 Elements for five:

1 kilo Lamb steaks
half purple, yellow, orange pepper
2 purple onions

🥘 Marinade:

half kopje extra vierge olijfolie
1/vier kopje witte wijnazijn
1 el gedroogde oregano
1/vier tl zout

🥘 Methodologie:

Put together the marinade and set to 1 facet.

Chop the lamb steaks into giant cubes, slice the peppers and onions (large chunks) – and throw every part into the marinade for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, thread onto skewers and both put it within the BBQ or beneath the grill.

Baste the kebap at 10 minute intervals, rotating incessantly till cooked to your style. Take pleasure in! 😋

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