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En whoosh, het weekend is voorbij! Niet dat het zoveel verschil maakt deze d…

And whoosh, the weekend has gone! Not that it makes that a lot distinction as of late, however I nonetheless really feel pleased when it comes round to Friday, bizarre proper? That is certainly one of our favourites at dwelling, we have now it most likely as soon as per week and it’s the best factor ever to place collectively. Salmon steaks with home made garlic butter (Jamie Oliver methodology) salt, pepper and all the time za’atar cooked in a little bit olive oil with about half a lemon juice, job accomplished. The boys prefer it with crushed new potatoes and veg, and there are by no means any scraps left! Have a superb week all..

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  1. Omg love this 😍😍😍 I have ordered a bunch of middle eastern spices and once they arrive I’m going to make this

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