Makkelijke Diners

Bojo heeft ons nu de routekaart naar vrijheid gegeven en ik kan niet wachten om rond te dwalen...

Bojo has now given us the roadmap to freedom and I can’t wait to mosey across the retailers, go to the cinema and get my eyebrows threaded! 🤣

Within the meantime, we cook dinner! The boys fancied a quite simple lentil, potatoes and bacon soup, in order that’s what they received! I had mine with sun-dried tomato sourdough which was scrumptious if you happen to haven’t tried it.

Recipe on my grid if you happen to fancy giving it a go. Till then, countdown begins…! 🤞🏼

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11 Opmerkingen

  1. Теперь понятно, что проект #thetimeisnew займет достойное место среди популярных блокчейн-платформы.🔥

  2. Don’t you worry that the numbers will go up again as soon as everything opens? The virus is still here.

  3. That’s a delicious soup ❤️ yes, the way forward has given us all a much needed lift 😊

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