Makkelijke Diners

Drukke laatste paar dagen om Max voor te bereiden op terugkeer naar Uni op dit moment Yesterd ...

Busy final couple of days getting Max prepared for returning to Uni at this time 😭

Yesterday was batch cooking of bolognese and fırın makarna, a really Cypriot dish. I did the identical when his older sister and brother went to Uni, each time they got here residence, I despatched them again with do-it-yourself meals. A technique of getting their 5-a-day! 😜

I did submit the recipe for this one again in January, so simply scroll by in the event you’re concerned with giving it a go.

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  1. You made such a beautiful dish to bid your son “goodbye” as he returned to Uni my dear. As a mother of two sons who are also far away and studying, I feel your pain. I am sure he will return to see his beloved mother often and there will be nobody they can replace the love-filled dishes you make for him like this traditional Cypriot dish🙌🙌🙌

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