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Effectief…. het was een falafel om deze falafels te maken! Sinds ik het opmerkte en fala...

Effectively…. it was a falafel to make these falafels! 🤣

Ever since I noticed myfoodjen and cafe_najat_uk falafels the opposite day, I had this in my thoughts to make. As I used to be making this for the primary time, I needed to make it utilizing chickpeas.

I ed the recipe from themediterraneandish – and so they had been scrumptious 😋 Paired it with hummus, cacık (tzatziki) and couscous. All in all, very happy with my first try! Lol.

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  1. Felafel have been on my virtual list forever… must get round to making them!!! These look absolutely wonderful Nev!! 😋😋😋

  2. They look perfect.. I’ve only recently perfected falafel myself, now i want some 🔥

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