Vistaartje met een topping van aardappelpuree. Gerookte schelvis, zalm en kabeljauw gekookt in…

Fish pie with a mashed potato topping. Smoked haddock, salmon and cod cooked in about 1 pint of milk (deliver to the boil after which simmer for round 10 minutes) with onion, cloves and bay leaves. Fried up some finely chopped 2 leeks and 1 onion for round eight minutes after which added three tablespoons of flour and fried for a minute or so. Added the drained fish, after which slowly added the milk till all the pieces was a creamy sauce, seasoning to your style 👌 Made mashed potatoes with about 50g of butter, 100g of creme fraiche and about four tablespoons of milk for the topping. Pop within the oven on 180 for round 40 minutes ✅😋

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