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Ik ga je naar alle waarschijnlijkheid weer vervelen met mijn favoriete Mediterrane mengelingsmengeling...

Going to in all probability bore you with my favorite Mediterranean combine mixture once more, this time on Kısa Pasta (shortcrust pastry) There’s actually one thing concerning the flavours of hellim, zeytin, (halloumi and olives) parsley and seasoning that’s simply so rattling scrumptious 😋 began with 9, and there are solely three left! 🙊

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  1. I fully agree! I can’t get enough of olives and parsley in my cooking. STILL working on the halloumi 😂 those are so cute! I bet they were yummy too!

  2. Not boring at all!! These look very tasty, I am not surprised you are down to last three 🤤

  3. Omg. This looks sooooooo good. I’d love to try making them. Where can I find the recipe ? 😬😇✨

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