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Manlief vroeg me om te proberen de kaas- en spekflappen die we kopen voor…

Hubby requested me to attempt to recreate the cheese and bacon turnovers that we purchase from pret at any time when we exit – he has two each time with a cuppa. Properly.. these aren’t Pret, however they had been very tasty! 😋 I’m undecided what pastry they use, in all probability a thinner puff pastry, however I draw the road at making my very own puff pastry!

Step-by-step technique 👉🏼👉🏼 and under 👇🏼👇🏼

🥐 Substances:

1 pakje bladerdeeg
5 rashers of cooked unsmoked bacon chopped into 3-Four items
1/Four block grated cheddar
6 tsp’s passata
1 ei geklopt
Handful of sesame and nigella seeds (optionally available)

🥐 Methodologie:

Put some flour onto the work floor, and place, then lower the puff pastry into six

Add 1tsp of passata down the center of the sheet, then add grated cheddar, a few bits of bacon (3-4).

Add egg wash on the interior facet of the puff pastry after which convey one nook over, and brush the skin with egg wash, repeat with the opposite facet and shut it up.

Place on parchment paper, sprinkle a mixture of sesame and nigella seeds (optionally available) excessive. Pop within the oven on 180 for 30 minutes rotating on the midpoint. Get pleasure from! 😋

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22 Opmerkingen

  1. I never make my own pastry -life’s too short and shop bought is soo good. These look fab 😍

  2. Wonderful 😮🤤 after your last puff pastry post I noticed I had some in the fridge I’d forgotten about 😂

  3. They look pretty damn authentic Pret!!!! And who makes their own puff pastry anyway… 😆😁👍

  4. Love this! Only thing I miss about the office was grabbing one of these from Pret 😂

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