Makkelijke Diners

Ik gaf toe. Ik had dagenlang weerstand geboden om dit te maken, maar uiteindelijk had mijn snoeptand het niet meer...

I gave in. I had resisted making this for days, however finally my candy tooth gained out. What’s a woman to do?! 🤷🏻‍♀️

I’ve been making baklava for over – truly, let’s not go there, let’s simply say, for a really very long time! To make a trays price:

🤤 Elementen:

2 pakken filodeeg
250 gram gesmolten boter
200 gram walnoten
200 gram pistachenoten
1 tl kaneel

🤤 Voor de siroop:

300 gram basterdsuiker
125 ml honing
300 ml water
4-5 teentjes
1 kaneelstokje
Sap van 1 citroen

🤤 Techniek:

1/… Begin by making the syrup. Put every thing right into a saucepan and stirring intermittently, deliver to a boil after which simmer for round 5-6 minutes. Set to at least one aspect to chill. I at all times take away the cloves and cinnamon stick at this level, private desire.

2/... Voeg in een processor de noten en kaneel toe en pureer tot ze fijngehakt zijn maar niet in modder veranderd.

3/… Calmly butter a tray, and lay one sheet of filo down, then butter the highest and lay one other sheet of filo down, butter the highest. Repeat this till you’ve gotten reached 10 sheets.

4/… Sprinkle about 1 cup’s price of nuts excessive of the filo sheet. Then repeat Step Three till you’ve gotten finished 5 sheets of filo. Then sprinkle about half of cup of nuts. Do one other 5 sheets and repeat. Put your final 5 sheets on ending with butter on the highest.

5/… With a pointy knife, criss-cross the highest of the baklava so that you’ve diamond shapes.

6/… Bak in de oven op 160 in 60-70 minuten goudbruin. Haal weg en giet de afgekoelde siroop direct over de baklava.

Permit the baklava to absorb the syrup for so long as you possibly can, round 5-6 hours. Get pleasure from! 🤤

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  1. Omg! That looks sooooo gorgeous❤️ absolutely stunning😍 Can l have some please?😚😚

  2. I love this! I’ve never made it and always wanted to!! On my list to try to make soon. Looks gorgeous

  3. My favourite. I’ve never tried to make it though because I have no self control! 😂

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