Makkelijke Diners

Ik heb deze dingen misschien met een lepel gegeten, het was zo goed (ik weet zelf lof ...

I may have eaten these things by the spoonful, it was so good (I do know self reward is not any reward) however actually the mix of flavours within the Christmas cake fruits I made yesterday was mwah! I used nigellalawson Simple Motion Christmas Cake (aside from purée’d chestnuts) which I changed with Apricot jam, then I added bits of maryberrys_foods that I like (black treacle, glacé cherries), and my son-in-law’s mum Florida gave me the concept to make use of Jam, so I threw in an entire jar of Apricot 😋 I selected Grand Reserva Sherry from Spain as that’s all I had in the home, and the odor was bloody beautiful! I can’t wait to eat this cake!! Christmas 🎄🎄

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  1. Oh Christmas is my favourite time of the year. Living in Turkey we literally have to make everything from scratch, I can almost smell your cake mix from here !!!

  2. Delicious! You’ve reminded me I need to buy the ingredients for Christmas Pudding 🙌

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