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Ik heb gisterochtend het grootste deel van de dag doorgebracht met het inhalen van mijn moeder in Cyprus, zus in N...

I spent most of yesterday morning catching up with my mum in Cyprus, sister in New Zealand, son in Tenerife and numerous WhatsApp messages with the remainder of the household, fortunately we had a lot meals left from the day earlier than, I solely had to consider breakfast/brunch. Fast scan of the fridge and I made use of the final pack of puff pastry. The darkish shapes on high are referred to as pastırma (air dried cured beef), love that stuff! Then a mixture of hellim (halloumi), cheddar cheese, spring onions, parsley, black pepper, black olives, pul biber and within the oven for round 35-40 minutes. Yet another day till youngest comes house 😁

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  1. Mmm… that looks so tasty!! I know what you means about catching up with family/friends… lovely but time consuming!!! 😍😍

  2. Mmm delicious 😍 How’s your son’s holiday gone? Will you still be able to go to Cyprus?

  3. All your savoury baking makes me drool!! The air dried beef is heavenly and I can only imagine how delicious this slice is 😍

  4. most of my weekends are spent with family and friends on whatsapp and then scramble something for making food 👍👍

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