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Vroeger speculeerde ik om mijn onderzoek gisteren op te ruimen, en ik deed echter elk onderdeel dat als alternatief ...

I used to be speculated to tidy my research yesterday, and I did every part however that as an alternative..! It’s a kind of jobs the place I do know I ought to do it, however I open the research door, after which shut it once more 🤣 Undoubtedly going to sort out it right now!

Dinner was a conventional Cypriot fayre, şiş kebap (easy marinade under), home made cacık, smoked paprika hummus, salad stuff and melizcooks pide. By no means any leftovers once I make this meal, which at all times makes me pleased 😊


half of cup of additional virgin olive oil
1/vier kopje witte wijnazijn
1 el gedroogde oregano
1/vier tl zout

Baste the kebap earlier than you begin, after which at 10 minute intervals, rotating regularly till cooked.

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24 Opmerkingen

  1. Yep, I can see why there weren’t any leftovers 😍 it all looks amazing ❤️

  2. Haha… best laid plans!!! But what scrumptious looking skewers my friend! These look just wonderful… I’m learning a lot of about Cypriot food from you!!!! 🤤🤤🤤 (now get into that study….!!!!)

  3. This looks so gorgeous! I’m continuously procrastinating everything.. have so much on my to do list!! 😍

  4. Yep better than cleaning the study. This looks delicious perfect with an Alpha beer.

  5. I spent a week in Cyprus several years ago, and for some reason I’ve been reminiscing about that trip a lot lately. I LOVED it there, and hope to get back some day when this crazy world of ours gets back on its axis. In the meantime, your meal here might be just the thing to calm some of those Cypriot cravings I’ve been having. It’s definitely going to be making an appearance on my table this weekend! 😍😍😍

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