Makkelijke Diners

Is het niet humoristisch als totaal verschillende denkrichtingen samenkomen om er een te creëren? Gij…

Isn’t it humorous when totally different strands of thought come collectively to create one? Yesterday feedingwege mentioned how nice Instagram was for getting inspiration from different individuals. Then I noticed feedingthefridgeraiders orange and almond cake and that was it, I couldn’t get almonds out of my head! 🤣 These are the Turkish model of almond macaroons/cookies and are known as Acıbadem Kurabiyesi and are my absolute favorite cookies ever! Soooo moorish 😋They’re handed out at weddings and so they promote them within the bakeries. I’ve tried to recreate these a number of instances, I’ve come shut however not shut sufficient but. I’ll simply should attempt attempt to attempt once more 😉 Crunchy on the surface, chewy on the within, flakes almonds on prime. Heaven ❤️

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