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Ik heb geëxperimenteerd met deze Zeytinli ve Hellimli ekmek (olijf en hallou ...

I’ve been experimenting with this Zeytinli ve Hellimli ekmek (olive and halloumi bread). I’ve made it thrice now, and it should be an age factor as I carry on attempting to recall a picture of my Nene (grandma) making this, stretching out her hand to me – now, was it oil or water she wanted? Onerous to recall one thing from 40+ years! 😂 I’m practically there with the components and portions, so will share subsequent time.. swipe 👉 for inside view. Have a superb week..

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  1. I think my nene used to put her hand out for water and oil!! 😂😂. Can’t wait for ur recipe! The best combo ever ❤️❤️

  2. Oh now that looks lush – my sister and I have been arguing on which dishes we are going to try and make! You have so many great ones I want to try 😍

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