Makkelijke Diners

Even wat beweging in de keuken gisteren, een beetje van dit en dat scharrelen,...

Just a bit motion within the kitchen yesterday, a little bit of this and that pottering, after which I took the remainder of the day without work! 🥳 Put my ft up, Mr G made a fireplace, and we watched The Folks vs O.J.Simpson, extremely suggest!

These little beauties are lemon and semolina syrup desserts, and the explanation I made them was that they jogged my memory of the desserts my Nene used to make. The recipe is from ottolenghi and helen_goh_bakes from their e book Candy, which has a lot of fabulous dishes 😋

No matter you might be doing right this moment, get pleasure from! 🥳

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  1. What a beautiful shot Nev!! Sounds like a wonderful day… we might a similar day today, with any luck 😉😍

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