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De meeste Cyprioten, waaronder ikzelf, zijn meestal niet zo goed in portiebeheer. Wanneer je een…

Most Cypriots, myself included, are usually not excellent at portion management. If you’re having 6 individuals round, you cook dinner for 10+ and many others.. Since one of many youngsters left dwelling, and the opposite is at Uni, there’s solely three of us at dwelling now, and I nonetheless overcook! 🤣 🥘 One among my favorite ‘go-to’ double carbs combo is köfte, vermicelli rice, çoban salatası, melizcooks chips and an enormous dollop of yoghurt 👌 If I used to be consuming this in Cyprus, we might have moved into triple carbs territory as they serve every thing with bread as effectively! Recipe on my grid if you happen to fancy having a go.. 🥘

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  1. My mum does the same! It’s like she does it just in case someone pops round unexpectedly!
    Looks delicious Nev- love how it’s served on a big platter 👏😍

  2. @workingmumskitchen @tuncay.shosanya you guys are twins. Over cooking, double carbs 😂❤️

  3. Ha ha ha. … Is there such a thing as portion control ??! I took mince out of the freezer and was thinking about these kofte 🤗

  4. That looks so tasty 😋. Know what you mean about portion control too… struggling to only cook for two since our last one moved to uni… lots of leftovers though 😂❤️👍

  5. Haha! Sounds like every other Arab household too! Always a lot of food done from the heart! Lovely share ❤️🙌👏😋

  6. I have ZERO portion control.. get told off by my hubbby all the time but it always gets eaten!! These sound so delish 😋

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