Makkelijke Diners

Hoogstwaarschijnlijk niet het dessert dat je de dag eerder hebt gemaakt dan dat je gaat winkelen voor huwelijksceremoniekostuums…

Most likely not the dessert to have made the day earlier than you go wedding ceremony costume buying 😂 thankfully I’m not the one attempting on the costume! These little beauts are referred to as Revani and it’s a lemon semolina cake topped with crushed pistachios. This cake covers many areas and continents and you can even do an orange-flavoured model. As if the cake wasn’t pretty sufficient, you then soak it in syrup 👌 If you happen to like lemon drizzle cake, you’ll love this! Proper, off to London at this time to get Izzy’s wedding ceremony costume, have an important day all..!

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  1. Do you take orders?! 😍😍😍
    Have a wonderful day wedding dress shopping 👰🏻🥂 x

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