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Mijn dochter Izzy lanceerde me voor dit ontbijt terwijl we op vakantie waren in Cy ...

My daughter Izzy launched me to this breakfast while we have been on vacation in Cyprus final 12 months. I’ve to say, I acquired just a bit bit hooked on them which isn’t actually what you wish to do while you’re attempting to reduce weight! Hey ho.. we do our greatest eh?

I just like the sainsburys style the distinction candy and crunchy raisins nuts & honey granola 👌🏼 with fage_uk Greek yoghurt and rowsehoneyuk – you need to use any fruit, however I had bananas so I used these. To make Three giant sundae glasses:

Begin by whisking 300 gms of yoghurt till easy, and set to 1 facet.

Begin compiling with a layer of granola, then 1 tbls of yogurt, 3-Four slices of banana and a very good squeeze of honey. Repeat till you attain the highest. Take pleasure in! 😋

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10 Opmerkingen

  1. Absolutely delicious! I have this with pineapple and honey when out at Zákynthos 😋😋😋

  2. One of our favourites! So healthy and filling but tastes just a bit naughty 😋🔥

  3. Oh fab, I’m so looking for a tasty, light and fresh breakfast…. This is perfect 😍

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