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Mijn jongste Max gaat deze week weer naar de Uni na twee maanden in residentie terwijl w…

My youngest Max goes again to Uni this week after two months at residence while we waited for the numbers to drop. So this week will probably be bulk cooking and discovering stuff!

The primary time I made this was a few years in the past, tabbouleh/tabouli/kısır many names in several languages with variations after all!

This one was made with plenty of parsley, tomatoes, spring onions, seasoning, and bulgur, however you too can make it with semolina. Nonetheless you select to make it, give it a go, it’s such a refreshing salad. 😋

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  1. That looks perfect!!! My mum is super fussy about how tabbouleh is made as she is a traditionalist and she would definitely eat yours ❤️🌹🥰😋

  2. It’s a stunning dish Nev!!! Healthy, colourful and sounds very tasty too! Lucky Max… ☺️😁👌

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