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Af en toe wil je gewoon een huisstijl Deze gekonfijte schillen zijn de l…

Once in a while you simply want a style of house ❤️

These candied peels are the final of my stash from Cyprus, and they’re completely my favourites!

🍊turunç macunu (bitter orange) made with orange peel, sugar and water

🌰 (okay not a proper pic) however you get the drift! 😉 the black ones are ceviz macunu (walnuts) made with entire walnuts, sugar, water, almonds, lemon and cloves

🍉 The lightest ones are karpuz (watermelon) made with watermelon peel, sugar, water, lemon juice and vanilla

My Nene used to make these, as she’s now not with us 😭 I now purchase them from trodos_gida yearly, they usually as near home made ones as I can discover 👌🏼

Turkish espresso on the facet, yep, some days are simply made for this!

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  1. A Jewish friend of my parents back in Tangier, Morocco made candied baby aubergines. She always shared some with us during their holidays 😋

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