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Volharden in de scholing van de oudste zoon in wat de kinderen mijn "klassiekers" noemen door w...

Persevering with the oldest son’s schooling into what the children name my “classics” by watching Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Misplaced Ark which was made in 1981, is over 40 years outdated and but primevideouk nonetheless charged me £3.49 to hire it!!!!! I used to be outraged. So outraged I had a full bowl of spaghetti bolognese with plenty of grated halloumi and dried mint and home made garlic bread with perhaps a bit of an excessive amount of grated Parmesan on prime 😋 If I wasn’t about to plonk myself in entrance of the TV, I’d have looked for the VHS (sure, I nonetheless have them) movie myself. 😤

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  1. Delicious movie night meal!
    I have felt the same outrage over the price of streaming old films. We watched karate kid for free the other day. Then went to find karate kid 2 and I think they wanted £7 out of us!! 🤬

  2. Ahah you should have just streamed it on the internet. We guess you can find it free there. 🤔 The pasta looks good but as italians we would have avoided mint and halloumi. Just some grated parmigiano reggiano (parmesan) and that’s it 😋😛❤️

  3. Looks delicious.. love the Halloumi, never done that! Love that you still have the VHS even more tho 🤣

  4. If you go to Bali, you can get 10 films for £7. Sorry everyone, but I have bought hundreds of films at full price to sponsor that !

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