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Zelfgemaakte Cypriotische karmozijnrode druivenjam (üzüm reçeli) met Philadelphia op zuurdesemtoast…

Selfmade Cypriot crimson grape jam (üzüm reçeli) with Philadelphia on sourdough toast. Little bit of fried halloumi on the facet. Good Sunday 👌🏼


🍯 Elements:

600 gms crimson grapes
450 gms granulated sugar
625 mls water
three cloves
1 tl vanille-extract
Sap van een halve citroen

🍯 Technique:

De-stem and wash the grapes. In a saucepan add the elements and produce to the boil.

As soon as boiled, simmer for one hour, stirring intermittently. Within the meantime sterilise your jar/s.

Permit the jam to chill earlier than your pour it into the jar.
Take pleasure in! 😋

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