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Deze kleine schoonheden worden Hellimli Püf Böreği genoemd (halloumi gevuld gebak ...

These little beauties are referred to as Hellimli Püf Böreği (halloumi stuffed pastry, on this case I used puff pastry.) I’ve to leap straight in and say that I didn’t make my very own puff pastry as a result of life is just too quick! The filling is hellim, spring onions, pul biber (crimson bell pepper flakes), parsley, seasoning and a few eggs to bind. Goes fantastically with a cup of tea 😋 Will put up recipe and methodology later.. Have a very good day, it’s going to be a corker! 🌞

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  1. Looks delicious, I do a similar thing in filo pastry minus the spring onion, but can imagine its delicious with the puff pastry and will try the spring onion too 😍

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