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Wat een geweldige dag hadden we gisteren trouwjurk kopen.. We hebben nu de …

What an superior day we had yesterday marriage ceremony gown buying.. We have now discovered the gown – yay!! 👰 I had my first McDonald’s in 4 months, and my goodness it was bloody yum 🤤 Purchased some Belgian sweets from Harrods and got here residence.. dinner final evening was a few KitKats and an enormous mug of tea which is all I might be bothered with after an excellent lengthy day! 🤣 It is a tremendous simple rooster and bacon roast that I cooked on Monday. The rooster comes out tremendous succulent as I prepare dinner it in herbs and rooster inventory. Shout if you’d like the recipe 😘 Recipe & Technique on my grid

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  1. U r the first person I’ve heard who said MacDonalds was yum, everyone said it was not great lol!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day Nevhis!! Years ago, I worked in Harris’s and used to regularly go down to the food hall to get fresh cream chocolates!! So expensive 😱😱😨

  3. So pleased you had a fab day and found the dress!! 😍 How exciting!! This roast looks fantabulous 😋😋

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