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Gisteren was heel veel restjes dag. We hadden de restjes van de Sunday Roas…

Yesterday was very a lot leftovers day. We had the leftovers from the Sunday roast for Monday dinner, after which, I regarded across the kitchen to ensure I hadn’t missed something.

I spied leftover pavlova, baklava and chopped nuts.. So I turned it right into a baklava pavlova in fact… drizzled with honey. Unsure if this has been finished anyplace else but, however there’s a primary time for every little thing! 🤣

The one factor I needed to make recent was the cream, which is tremendous straightforward sufficient. Pavlova on the underside, cream then chopped up baklava, further sprinkling of nuts, drizzle of honey, and repeat for the highest.

Baklava recipe & methodology is on my grid, pavlova recipe is from bbcgoodfood – very naughty deal with, however it will have been a disgrace to throw it away..!

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  1. My hubby would love this! Pavlova and baklava are some of his favourite desserts!

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