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So excited to be part of this fabulous collaboration with so many talented creat…

So excited to be part of this fabulous collaboration with so many talented creators:


We’re nearing the end of our two week project, and everyday we have shared a new post on one of the above accounts with a focus on tradition and regional variation. We’ll be showcasing some of our favourite dishes so make sure you are ing us all so you can feast your eyes 😎

If you’re cooking up some flavours from Turkey or Cyprus or your own regional twist, like this Cypriot twist on baklava, post with the hashtag so we can show you some love 🧿

Baklava, baklawa or other regional names was originated in some form by the Ancient Romans and was further developed by the Turks and Greeks who built on the cookery of the Byzantine Empire, which was a continuation of the cooking from the Roman Empire (so it says on Wikipedia). All I know is that it’s traditional in our culture, and it tastes fab!

Today, baklava is a common dessert across Turkey, Cyprus, Iran, Balkans, Greece and many other countries.

I made the baklava using the traditional way (recipe & method) on my grid. To make the non churn ice cream, I used maryberrys_foods recipe and doubled up the quantities. I then chopped up into small pieces 500 gms of the baklava and mixed it into the ice cream and let it freeze overnight. Decorated it with pistachios and edible roses and served it in chocolate covered cones with a pistachio rim 😋 Yes, I know, it’s probably a thousand calories on its own! 😂

I hope you have enjoyed this little project, and it’s got a couple of days left to run, so look out for it! 😊

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  1. @workingmumskitchen this looks amazing Nev! It is apart of my long never ending list of things to try 😅😅😅

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