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What a super Saturday we had yesterday who knew I could hit a golf ball and get…

What a super Saturday we had yesterday topgolfuk who knew I could hit a golf ball and get points?! 🤣 Two hours of fun, great food (their burgers were fab) and much hilarity with the kids, happy days ❤️ I now have a membership card, so guess we will be going again!!

I made my usual go-to brownies before we left the house yesterday and they were very welcoming to come back to!

Recipe bbcgoodfood (I’ve adjusted it as usual!). Chocolate chips from callebautchocolate as always.

🧁 Ingredients:

185 gms unsalted butter
1 bar of Bournville
85 gms plain flour (sieved)
40 gms cocoa powder (sieved)
125 gms milk chocolate chips
125 gms white chocolate chips
3 large eggs
275 gms golden caster sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
Pinch of salt

🧁 Method:

In a square baking tin, add parchment paper, and set to one side.

In a medium bowl, add your flour, cocoa powder and a pinch of salt. Mix thoroughly and set to one side.

In a microwaveable bowl, add the butter and broken pieces of dark chocolate and set to one side.

In a large mixing bowl, add three eggs, the sugar and vanilla extract. Whisk for 5 minutes until it is nice and creamy, scraping down the sides as you go along., and set to one side.

Microwave the butter and dark chocolate for 1.5 minutes on high. Then stir thoroughly until all the chocolate and butter has dissolved. Add to the beaten eggs and sugar bowl and mix thoroughly with a spoon until everything is combined. Then add the flour/cocoa mix and repeat the process.

Finally add the milk and white chocolate chips, stir them in, and then pour into the baking tin. Give it a couple of taps to settle before you put it into the oven on 180 for 25-30 minutes, rotating at the halfway point. Enjoy! 😋

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