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When I was a teenager in Cyprus (a very very long time ago!), we used to go to a…

When I was a teenager in Cyprus (a very very long time ago!), we used to go to an outside disco (lol) at Mare Monte Hotel in Cyprus, and then in the early hours of the morning, we would roll up at 5am’ish to the Çorbacı (Soup Seller) who used to have a small hut/shop in the mountains of Kyrenia, and underneath the trees, we would eat soup to soak up the alcohol before we went home. What a rebel I was 😂 My mum usually comes over from Cyprus twice a year and we visit her in the summer. Not sure we will make it there this year tho 😭 Last time she came, she brought over two packets of freshly made Tarhana which I froze straightaway! Turkish Tarhana is made from cracked wheat and yoghurt, cooked and then dried in biscuit form – in other parts of the Middle East I think they make it a little differently. You can make this soup with water, stock or milk. I made this Tarhana Çorba with chicken stock and in Cyprus we always add fried diced hellim (Halloumi) to this soup which is awesome 😋

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  1. Those were the days eh? My mum loves to tell people was a rebel I was as a teenager… I blame the parents 😂. Hope you get to see yours soon Nevhis 😍😍

  2. I love your stories behind every dish you publish – we call this kishik and I love it too. For the Lebanese we make it with a little minced lamb, small onion chopped and garlic crushed. We only add water and eat it with bread, onion slices and radishes. I never thought of putting it in the freezer when we get it sent over with my aunt and I don’t think many in my other family members do the same – might place it in a Tupperware as currently I place it in a pressure jar at back of fridge. Another Aunt managed to make fresh kishik with the UK weather but she had to wait until the weather forecast announced it would be hot for a week 🤣 ty for sharing this x

  3. This is a different version of the same tarhana made in my father’s village, in the middle of İç Anadolu. We put boiled beans or chick peas, and it is generally less thick. We also add pul biber and mint fried with (generally) olive oil. I fry chopped onions and put some red pepper paste, and add it to the soup. You made me realize that I miss this and I already have it at home!

  4. Such a lovely memory😍 As for tarhana, never tried it with halloumi, have to give it a try! Have you ever tried tarhana (if it’s in powdered form) when frying small fish? As a substitute for cornmeal?

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